Who would’ve thought, after hearing The Jonas Brothers harmonize their way into our lives back in 2005, that baby bro Nick would turn into the most desirable Jonas in every way possible?

From R&B-heavy solo material and sexy music videos (like current single “Close” with Tove Lo) to high profile roles on TV shows like Scream Queens, he’s proven that he’s not only the hottest of the trio.  He’s also the most bankable.  But a closer look at his solo activities reveals a series of career choices that skew heavily gay.  And he’s sort of publicly stated that he’s not.  So the question remains: Is Nick Jonas gay baiting us?

For starters, he’s played not one but two gay characters in the last year.  First up the murderous Boone from Scream Queens who (spoiler alert!) ended up being straight in the end.  But that didn’t stop creator Ryan Murphy from diving deep into an extended homoerotic sequence of Jonas working out to 80s pop hits.  There’s also his ongoing role as openly gay boxer Nate Kulina on DirectTV’s sports drama, “Kingdom”.  The show is chock full of Jonas in states of undress and embroiled in steamy love scenes.

Boone in bed with Chad

Boone in bed with Chad

But it’s not just his career choices that have gay men all over the world doing double takes.  Nick Jonas is currently on the cover of OUT magazine’s most recent issue.  In the cover article, he’s asked about all those pesky gay baiting comments, and he refers to them simply as ‘sad’.  But as a supposedly straight artist (more on that in a couple paragraphs) posing on the cover of a gay magazine, isn’t he exemplifying gay baiting?  If he’s not using the gay community to propel his career forward, I can’t think of why he’d accept the opportunity for a cover story in arguably the most visible gay publication on the market.  He was also on the cover of Attitude back in December 2014.

Additionally, he’s very visible in the gay scene.  After Iggy Azalea was removed as the headliner, he took over as the main attraction at Pittsburgh Pride last summer. He’s also been known to perform at quite a few gay clubs.  He infamously gave a mini strip tease at New York’s BPM Nightclub back in 2014 while promoting his single, “Jealous”.

When it comes to Nick’s sexuality, he’s taken to playing coy.  Back in November, when asked by Daily Star Online about whether or not he’d experimented sexually with other men, he was quoted as saying “I can’t say if I have or haven’t”. He then plugged his gay sex scenes from “Kingdom”.

Jonas is reportedly dating actress and model Lily Collins.  This was after a heavily rumored fling with Kate Hudson. Despite his heavy involvement in gay nightlife and gay projects, he’s still pretty steady on the straight and narrow in his personal life.

The act of gay baiting, in a sense, is capitalizing on seemingly gay qualities in oneself to further appeal to a gay audience for profit without actually being gay.  When it comes to his life or his music, there’s nothing overtly gay about any of it.  So the fact that he works the gay media and caters to gay fans so heavily smells of gay baiting.  If in fact he is not gay, then that’s the only way his promotional efforts could be explained.  Sure, he has natural sex appeal and easily attracts the screams of girls and women all over.  But he doesn’t work nearly as hard to get that reaction.  He and his marketing team understand the power of attracting a gay audience.  We have disposable income to spare.  We’re loyal fans of our favorite artists.  We’re expert purveyors of all things pop culture.  But we’re also proud of who we are and don’t want an artist, no matter how hot he is, using us just to make some extra coin.