Many gay men love to cruise. No, not that type of cruising – we’re talking the type that takes place on water (pay attention!). Hanky thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the more interesting cruise options available to gay men. Here then are five of those cruising (on water) options.

1. Cruising in style, Mary: Cunard’s Southampton-New York. All aboard the Queen Mary 2! If you want opulence and love the better things in life, then what can beat a real trans-Atlantic voyage? No, this is not a gay-only cruise, but Cunard, just like all the major shipping companies today, is majorly gay-friendly. Gay get togethers are hosted every night in the ship’s magnificent Commodore Club. You also great value for money. You can probably get a suite on the Queen Mary 2 for the cost of a bog standard cabin on an all-gay cruise. There are gay men who will no doubt relish travelling with the elegance and impeccable service of a bygone era. Oh, and the Queen Mary 2 is a real ocean liner, not one of those ‘pretend’ cruise juggernauts that can only hug coastlines.

2. Let’s do it French style: Viking’s Lyon-Provence river cruise. How better to relax than on a luxury river boat languidly exploring la belle France? This 7-day cruise takes in beautiful Provence locales like Avignon and Arles, before finally arriving in Lyon. And the river boat used by Viking is something else: beautiful suites and staterooms in clean, modern designs, with large windows to let in all that luxuriant Mediterranean summer light. The boat is quiet, thanks to its hybrid engines, boasts solar panels and an organic herb garden on the large sun deck. So this will appeal to the snobs who want to cruise peacefully and in class, whilst being environmentally conscientious. And, this being France, you can just imagine what the food and wine will be like!

3. Style up the Nile: Nile River Cruise on the SS Karim. HE Travel has this to say about this river cruise: “The riches of antiquity are our destination and our backdrop as we cruise through the land of the pharaohs”. If that doesn’t make you feel like a character straight out of Agatha Christie’s ‘Death on the Nile,’ then nothing will! Murders and Hercule Poirot aside, this luxury cruise is aboard a traditional paddle steamer, harkening back to a golden time, but with all the modern comforts. The cruise takes in all the sites on the Nile between Luxor and Aswan for one gorgeous week. For all the security concerns about Egypt these days, there will be those intrepid gay tourists who will want to opt for a cruise that is relaxing and luxurious, taking in the sights and splendors of Egypt with the small group on board the SS Karim. Imagine those sunsets on the Nile…

4. Danüber alles: RSVP’s Danube River Cruise. If Africa has its Nile, then Europe has the Danube. Europe’s longest river is the backdrop for this luxury cruise that takes in two of Europe’s most beautiful capitals, Budapest and Vienna, together with the splendid scenery of meandering along the mighty Danube, dotted with gorgeous castles and forts and vineyards along the way. The 5-star Avalon Expression is a lovely-sized option for a cruise, with just over 160 people on board and all the comforts one would expect on a modern European cruise. This is the type of cruise that allows for both fun and good times with others but with a good dose of peace and tranquility as well – which is surely what gay cruising on a river should be all about.

5. Sardines Ahoy! Holland America’s Venice to Barcelona Gay Cruise. Like going on board the Queen Mary 2, this all-out, all-gay party cruise is no doubt divisive: you’ll either love it or hate it. There will be those gays who cannot wait to get on board this one and just party, party, party, and there will be those who would rather die a slow, horrible death than venture onto that boat! Think of over 2000 gay men packed on board. Think (mostly) body beautiful and body conscious. Think pumping music and other types of pumping. Oh, and some stunning southern European cities along the way. But let’s face it: this is for those who just want to have a good time and see how many nationalities they can score in just seven days…

The range of cruising options and locations these days for gay men is stupendous – from the Baltic to the Greek Islands, from Alaska to that perennial cruise favourite, the Caribbean. The choices are legion – just do your homework properly and you’ll have a terrific time. Cruise away!