Sure, it can be tough growing up as a gay boy – we have to face things like coming out, fighting for equality, and overhearing the occasional disparaging comment. But in many regards we’ve drawn the longest straw. Here are three reasons we have more fun.

We get each other:

Have you ever heard a group of straight guys trying to figure out their girlfriends? Oh, the pain. Girls are a big mystery to them, almost like this big science project. Except for the fact that they’ll never figure them out. They can think about even the smallest acts for hours and impose all kind of meaning that wasn’t really there in the first place. We don’t face shit like that. We get each other. I know what you want, and you know what I want. It’s a perfect symbiosis.

We don’t have periods:

We obviously don’t have anything against periods. Bleeding vaginas are a part of nature. But not having sexual downtime every month is a kinda nice bonus of being gay. Over a 10 year period most girls have around 840 days of bleeding. That’s a lot of days without sex. Sure, some straight couples have sex during periods. No need to dwell on that here, though. Our bonus is still awesome.

We’re excused for not having kids:

Most straight guys start getting the pressure to deliver grandkids the minute they turn 25. It starts as a family joke but ends up with demanding, staring, or harsh allusions. How many 25-year-olds really want to switch out partying, shopping, and building a career with changing diapers and waking up in the middle of the night? Can’t be more than a handful worldwide. Well, we’re gay – so no grandkids for you, Mommy. Even better, we can still adopt, but there’s no need to remind them of that before it becomes relevant.

Being gay is obviously awesome, so come out of that closet if you haven’t already – and if you’re already out we’re sure you know the other 97 reasons.